Intelligent Kanban Inventory Management System

Cost effective, adaptable, RFID enabled open shelf supply management

Capitalizing on current and future investments, the venerable Helios™ based Intelligent Kanban Inventory Management System adapts to and can be installed in existing cabinet, shelving, or bin based systems enabling automated, RFID based inventory and information management without the need for costly remodeling or full system replacement.

Driving operational efficiency to save valuable time and expense, the Helios™ Intelligent Kanban Inventory Management System includes a wall mounted reader and RFID enabled cards that are assigned to the bins or shelves in the storeroom location. As stock reaches a critical low or stockout, caregivers move the RFID enabled card from the front of the bin(s) and into the wall-mounted reader

Each reader communicates to the centralized Helios™ Harmony console, which is integrated into the Hospital Information Technologies, creating electronic alerts, automated order entry and data that can be used for par optimization and further inventory compression.
Installed by a skilled ARC technician onto previously existing bins, shelving, or custom installed storage systems, each intuitively designed and scalable kit ensures cost-effective automated inventory and information management

  • Integrated to the venerable Helios™ Harmony Console System
  • Connected to Hospital Information Systems providing ongoing,near real-time inventory and replenishment data
  • Improve operational efficiency and data accuracy
  • Reduce inventory levels, stockouts, and overall supply chain costs