Helios™ RFID Hardware

RFID Enabled Secure Cabinets

The Helios Storage+ Smart Cabinet™ is a RFID enabled medical grade cabinet for auto-inventory of items/components. They have the following features: Ethernet ready; Pin number/Proximity RFID badge access for secured storage of inventory and tracking of users. The cabinets are scalable in size customized for placement in any storage area

Installed Helios Storage+ Smart Cabinet™ Systems

Today’s fast paced care environments depend on mobility to ensure preparedness and the ARC Helios™ Docking stations provide a unique answer to this perplexing issue.

RFID Enabled Docking Stations
Docking stations provide a unique answer to this perplexing issue. By utilizing ruggedly designed polymer mobile carts (such as the Metro Flexline Procedure Cart) are used to securely store RFID tagged inventory. These mobile carts are moved throughout the care area and procedure rooms during the day providing quick and convenient access to the valuable and often specialized inventory contained within. 

Returning “home” to the docking station location at day’s end, the entire cabinet is electronically scanned by the Helios™ System to first verify cabinet presence (if not an email will be sent to notify supply chain that the cabinet was not present) and then perform an full device inventory scan to confirm the current inventory levels. With the scan complete, the information is transmitted to the centralized Helios™ Harmony Console System where it is recorded, a replenishment list is generated and, where appropriate, the information is transmitted to the Hospital Information System where it can be used to generate a requisition.

RFID Room Scanner
The Helios™ RFID Room Scanner is used to track the inventory products throughout their journey from receipt to storeroom, storeroom to procedure room and ultimately to the patient. Each system provides the ability to scan an area from above providing valuable inventory tracking information. These are often used with Docking stations for better RF coverage.

Helios Inventory Tracking Kiosk
Helios™ Inventory Tracking Kiosks allow the user to check RFID items in or out of an area, cabinet, freezer or other storage system. In the adjacent picture is an installation of the Helios™ Kiosk used in conjunction with a cryogenic freezer for tracking tissue.