Inventory Management System

Intuitively designed and developed by ARC Healthcare Technologies, Helios™ is an integrated Inventory Management System providing real-time, efficient and automated decision support for the healthcare supply chain. Using the latest barcode and RFID-enabled technologies, coupled with the options of Smart Cabinets, check in/out Kiosks, handheld scanners and more, the Helios platform is capable of cost-effectively managing the totality of inventory found in today’s largest healthcare settings.

The connected Helios Harmony Console portal communicates with each care area collecting real-time inventory and usage information and integrates with the medical facility’s ERP, Purchasing, and clinical systems. This critical data is used to streamline workflow and improve operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and charge capture, while driving patient and caregiver safety and reducing overall supply chain costs.

The scalable Helios™ System platform enables advanced, automated inventory management through an expansive array of tailored solutions. One of the major advantages of ARC’s approach is that it does not require the purchase of special cabinets, shelving units or other storage systems, because ARC can retrofit and transform existing cabinets with RFID technology. This extends the life of the investments health systems have already in custom cabinets, storage systems or legacy automated cabinets from other manufacturers. ARC’s approach further contains costs, minimizes construction and remodel disruptions, and speeds the placement of these time-saving systems.

ARC also offers turnkey, cabinet-based, secure RFID-enabled solutions built on the Helios™ software platform. The ARC Helios Storage+ Smart Cabinet™ provides authorized users system access to select and assign high value, patient-specific inventory. The data captured in the usage transaction is collected and stored for reference, reorder, charge capture and integration to the health system’s EMR and ERP systems.