Automation Transformation System (ATS)

Adaptable Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) For Existing Cabinets & Shelving

Capitalizing on current and future investments, the venerable Helios™ based Automation Transformation System (ATS) adapts to or is installed in existing cabinet, shelving, or rack systems enabling automated, RFID based inventory and information management without the need for costly remodeling or full system replacement.

Saving time and expense, each Automation Transformation System consists of a custom reader assembly along with the required antennas and cabling which is installed by a skilled ARC technician directly onto previously acquired cabinets, shelving, or custom installed storage systems. Each kit is custom designed based on the cabinet or rack’s size, materials, contents, and surrounding environment.

Once installed, the Automation Transformation System provides centralized, real-time inventory, tracking, usage, billing, and replenishment data for RFID tagged items. This improves patient and caregiver safety, operational efficiency, accuracy, regulatory compliance, and charge capture while reducing overall supply chain costs.

Our Automation Transformation System (ATS), allows existing open racks and secure cabinets to be retrofitted to become part of the Helios RFID Hardware solution.