About Us

Founded in 1982, Advanced Research Company has developed and installed Inventory Management and Process Control Systems worldwide. In 2009, company founder William Sharp recognized the increasing demand for intuitively-designed and cost-effective inventory management systems for healthcare. As a result, he refocused his company and team, formally creating ARC Healthcare Technologies LLC (ARC) in 2011. Advanced Research Company continues to co-exist alongside of ARC Healthcare Technologies.

Built around its cornerstone Helios™ software platform, ARC Healthcare has created a unique and comprehensive Automated Inventory Management System using the latest in Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) auto-identification technology for the US healthcare market. 

Principally using passive RFID technology, the Helios™ system stores, tracks, and cost-effectively manages all supplies from receipt through consumption in virtually any healthcare area. Low-cost, high-volume (bulk) supplies are typically managed automatically using a variety of adaptable and intelligent Kanban-enabling methodologies. High-value, low-volume consignment, physician preferred, and more critical supplies including implants and tissue, are individually tagged and tracked, where necessary, in accordance with UDI requirements and GS1 standards. This is accomplished using ARC-provided Helios™ Secure RF cabinets where authorization, identification or more advanced regulatory tracking is required.

A major advantage of ARC’s approach is that it does not require the purchase of special cabinets, shelving units or other storage systems, as ARC continues to successfully retrofit and transform existing cabinets with RFID technology. This extends the life of the investments health systems have already made, further containing costs, minimizing construction or remodel disruptions, and speeding the placement of these time-saving systems.

ARC’s advanced tissue tracking, along with other refrigeration- and freezer-monitoring programs can also be integrated with the Helios™ system, creating a single, unified source of data for management of all types of supplies.

The true power of the connected Helios™ system comes to life through the electronic data that is created and captured with each event and transaction. With advanced data mining capabilities, the robust Helios™ Vision Reporting Engine provides powerful insights for better, data-driven decision support, higher support levels and an accelerated return on investment (ROI).

Because Helios™ interfaces and integrates with most of the popular Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) hospital systems use today, caregivers save time and find peace of mind using systems that allow them to provide compassionate care to their patients. The integrated Helios™ System creates a layer of insight and protection that supply chain needs in order to help healthcare protect patients, staff and the bottom line.

As a privately-held and nimble organization, our sole focus is on healthcare here in the United States. Conveniently located in suburban Detroit, our headquarters is home to our offices, marketing, sales, design, manufacturing and call center.

Contact us at 248.475.4455 or at info@archlt.com.