A Message from our President Regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

As the world continues to struggle with the impact and heightened concerns surrounding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the ARC Healthcare team would like to share the steps we’re taking to remain responsive, help limit its spread, and to provide you with the service required to ensure your continued success. Our primary objective, as always, is to ensure the health and safety of our partners and employees.

While our telephone and online support remain readily available, if an on-site visit should be required during this time, we will coordinate with the onsite team to review Standard Operating Procedures established to comply with all facility access, personal protective equipment, and infection control guidelines under which you are operating. The safety and wellbeing of caregivers, patients and all of the support team members surrounding them remains our top priority and will not be compromised.

Our planning and preparations prior to our arrival onsite will be timely and thorough as will our arrival. Our onsite efforts will be well-choreographed working as efficiently as possible from a jointly prepared timeline and task list of activities to be accomplished. We will follow your Standard Operating Procedures and do our best to limit our contact wherever possible. We will debrief remotely following our visit.

In close we would like to thank you for your ongoing support as we consider it a privilege to serve you. We are here to help and will do so with an unwavering commitment and relentless focus on the health and safety of our team members, partners, and customers. Likewise, our systems are ready to assist in securing, tracking and orders your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or other mission critical products. Combined, the entire ARC team stands ready to support and serve our partners and communities as we work together to get through these unprecedented and challenging times.

With thankful regards,

William Sharp